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Score 1900 SAT

“Last summer, I spend nearly two weeks of my holiday in the SAT class summer program in Kaplan Edupac. Trust me, I was reluctant to wake up early in the morning. That too, I had to sit in class for six hours until 5 o’clock in the evening. However, once I saw my SAT scores, all those times I spent paid off; it was worth it. The SAT class introduced me to SAT very well. The teacher taught us certain tricks and tips in writing the SAT essays. He even taught us a method so that we do not have to memorize those long lists of SAT vocabulary words. The four practice tests we took indicate where we stand in the SAT Reasoning Test, which help us identity our weak areas and allow us to improve our performance. In all, I benefited a lot from this SAT class. Thank you very much.”

a University student and

Hello…..my name is Patricia Irene,all my friends call me Irene..
Let’s talk about Kaplan Edupac….guys,^^..
Kaplan Edupac is the best English course I’ve ever tried. Why?? because Kaplan Edupac makes me feel confident in speaking English with each other in class, with the teachers (local and native speakers) and even with my business partner. Whenever I made grammar or structure mistakes in speaking or other activities in class, the teacher would always correct my error. All of the teachers in Kaplan Edupac are smart, friendly, easy going, and get along well with the students. Since I join the Kaplan Edupac course, I got 623 for my TOEFL. and I thought it was a great score for the TOEFL. So what are you waiting for?? join Kaplan Edupac now and you will see the effect for your confident in English……”

a student of Swiss German

I think Kaplan Edupac is a great English course. I chose taking General English course there when I was in High school. I felt that studying there was enjoyable and fun since I could improve my confidence in speaking. In addition, I got much challenging knowledge that I never learnt before.
Talking about the environment, Kaplan Edupac has a very comfortable environment, and all of the rooms are very clean (suitable for all ages to learn there). All the teachers in Kaplan Edupac are very friendly with the students, so the students are having fun with them while they’re studying grammar or doing conversation.
Thanks Kaplan Edupac, I wish U a success in the future…….^-^

Score 1830 SAT

My English skill has increased rapidly since I learnt at Kaplan Edupac. Kaplan Edupac provides us the best qualified teachers (local teachers and native speakers). Learning at Kaplan Edupac was so much fun for me because the teachers were very friendly and helpful. It has helped everyone a lot, especially for IELTS, academic writing, and speaking. Students are trained to speak confidently and think logically there.
Choose Kaplan Edupac as your pathway to increase your English skill. The fee is surely affordable for you!


Score 111 iBT

“Studying TOEFL in Kaplan Edupac has been a wonderful and great experience. The education-oriented atmosphere and professional teaching and management has been vital to me in getting my score. I learnt a lot of advanced english and techniques in doing the TOEFL test. Thank you Kaplan Edupac!”

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