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Angela Sunario

“Last summer, I spend nearly two weeks of my holiday in the SAT class summer program in Kaplan Edupac. Trust me, I was reluctant to wake up early in the morning. That too, I had to sit in class for six hours until 5 o’clock in the evening. However, once I saw my SAT scores, all those times I spent paid off; it was worth it. The SAT class introduced me to SAT very well. The teacher taught us certain tricks and tips in writing the SAT essays. He even taught us a method so that we do not have to memorize those long lists of SAT vocabulary words. The four practice tests we took indicate where we stand in the SAT Reasoning Test, which help us identity our weak areas and allow us to improve our performance. In all, I benefited a lot from this SAT class. Thank you very much.”

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