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Patricia Irene

Hello…..my name is Patricia Irene,all my friends call me Irene..
Let’s talk about Kaplan Edupac….guys,^^..
Kaplan Edupac is the best English course I’ve ever tried. Why?? because Kaplan Edupac makes me feel confident in speaking English with each other in class, with the teachers (local and native speakers) and even with my business partner. Whenever I made grammar or structure mistakes in speaking or other activities in class, the teacher would always correct my error. All of the teachers in Kaplan Edupac are smart, friendly, easy going, and get along well with the students. Since I join the Kaplan Edupac course, I got 623 for my TOEFL. and I thought it was a great score for the TOEFL. So what are you waiting for?? join Kaplan Edupac now and you will see the effect for your confident in English……”

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